Will more devs jump ship from vB


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IMO: hopefully not. You need "veterans" mixed with new blood.
We sort of have that with the current vBulletin; but that's more management based. Whilst I agree with what you are saying, is this the best thing at the early stage of the product?

A new developer needs to be well versed with forum products, to understand it.


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Jerry Hutchings? Hi :)
Wow, Darren's gone, he's interested in xenForo? I wonder if both Freddie and Jerry will come to xenForo, in the future?


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Non-compete claus won't stand in California, where IB is based.
When I sold a business to the Daily Mail group in the UK I was advised that the non-compete clause in the 'sale of business' contract was unenforceable under EU-wide law, I had the same advice when I left the last company I worked for in respect of the 'employment' contract.