XF 2.2 Importing animated smilies from vB


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I've a folder of smilies that imported over from my old vB forum, many of them animated (as per the manual, the smilies folder was there from the import, in the Content > Smilies section, and I tried an import into the XF smilies section). They worked fine on vB 4.x. None of them work on XenForo except a static 'coffee' smilie (which was an animated smilie). Is there any way to import (some of) my old ones so that they work? I'd be sad to lose them as I've had the forum nearly two decades and much affection for some of the animated smilies I've collected over time.

I've searched the community, as well as the web, but can't find anything specific to this particular issue that helps. I can see that animated smilies do work on xenforo as people have made them available as add-ons. I don't have a lot of technical ability, but from 20 years of running a forum (from phpBB to vB town, xenforo) I can do a modest bit of tinkering if needed. But I don't understand what the issue or the fix might be. I did create a new category for animated smilies to import into, but clearly more needs to be done than just creating a category.

Any help gratefully received!

I realised I can also load them by downloading individual smiley gifs I find online (I like the old school ones) and uploading individually to the smilies section. Thanks for your help! Nothing makes you feel old like finding that a smiley site gives code links to add a given smiley to your MySpace or Bebo account though. :sneaky:
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