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I do not believe such an addon has been created yet. The add-on requests & discussions is available to licensed users only. If you have a license, you'll need to associate your username.

Greg Swallow

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Greg Swallow

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@pegasus - What about having vaultwiki automatically create a wiki for each thread either under or over the 1st post of a in a specified forum category? Is that possible or on the roadmap? Or even if they are manually created, can doing so be restricted to one category?


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Yes, you can restrict what forums will accept wiki pages for each thread. Currently I don't think there is a way to restrict what part of the wiki those pages are stored in, except wherever the user creating the wiki page has permission to create new wiki pages.

It used to be locked to one in earlier versions, but users did not like the absence of choice, especially if they wanted to include a specific wiki page in more than one thread.