Lack of interest Poll enhancements (options to position after 1st post, include image)

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1. Can we have an option to display the poll after the 1st post? Having that extra text at the top of a post destroys its SEO. I have one forum where the 1st line of text contains info that is very useful for search engines, and new threads are usually indexed in Google within minutes and placed high on the 1st page. Placing polls at the top of threads seems to destroy that. A thread that should have had several hundred views yesterday was hardly looked at, and Googling the for the subject did not yield an obvious hit in my site. That in turn cuts traffic, which is not good. :( Needless to say I removed the polls that I started adding a couple days ago.

2. Can we have an optional image within (left side) of the poll? If you're asking about something, it often makes sense to have the image in view, not to have the user scroll around & find one.
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