Width of main content area


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My newest board is simply too wide and I don't know why. I imported style props from another board where the width is fine.
I checked Page width controller in Style Props and it's the same on both boards.

I reduced the width of the sidebar but it makes no difference. Something in the main content area is pushing the width unnecessarily. Or the header?
(my logo is the same as the other board so it's not that.)

Here it is http://fcuk.dev.waindigo.com/ (temp location)
(scuse us we're not fully dressed yet!)

EDIT - the admincp is also wider!


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Spoke too soon!
Have checked all kinds of Style Props - tried removing all contents of EXTRA.css ...

It looks OK in Chrome but in Firefox I'm spilling out at the right.


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I can't see any content spilling over, zero side scrolling on Firefox for me. I can, however see you've got a some odd width percentages applied (breadcrumbs top/bottom @ 97%) vast amounts of space with margins and negative valued margins on mainContainer and mainContent could be the cause.


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Thanks Shelley I'll look into that.
I imported the style from its partner site and I think some of it doesn't work here with different content.