Why thumbnails go faint?

Mr Lucky

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Just noticed, the issue is in safari. When I check with Firefox the two faint thumbnails are not there.
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Mr Lucky

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I don't understand why it would be faint, why not just say it has been deleted from public view , like you get with other deleted things???

Is there a manual somewhere that explains all this?


Chris D

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If you click on the faded media, and view it normally, it states along the top of the media whether it has been deleted or part of a deleted album.

There's not exactly a lot of room to put that sentence, hence why other visual clues have been implemented instead.


Mr Lucky

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OK, it's still very confusing, having to click on it to know what it means, I thought my forum was broken.

It's not just me didn't get it, neither did any of my moderators.

Is there a manual that has all this in it? I'd prefer to read that rather than learn it all by trial and error and keep asking questions here.

Mr Lucky

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Something is wrong with this because after permanently deleting an album, I still see it. It is faint as if it is soft deleted but if it has been permanently deleted, why am I seeing it?

EDIT: OK, tried again. It seems if I create an album then permanently delete, it goes as you would expect.


If you soft delete it first, it stays but faint (as mentioned above) but if you then subsequently permanently delete, it won't go.
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