XF 1.1 Why is the xf_session table MyISAM instead of InnoDB?

Mike Tougeron

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Why is the xf_session table MyISAM instead of InnoDB? When there is a large number of sessions the XenForo_Session::deleteExpiredSessions() that runs in the XenForo_CronEntry_CleanUp::runHourlyCleanUp() blocks other session inserts/updates since it locks the entire table to do the delete. This can then have a cascading impact on the performance of the page.

I was thinking of changing it to InnoDB but I wanted to make sure there wasn't a reason for it before I did.

Thanks, Mike
We were seeing much slower writes with InnoDB in early tests. No particular reason not to change it if it's causing issues for you.
5.0 most likely, though it may have been more related to the configuration of MySQL. Problem is, so many hosts haven't touched InnoDB so they may be running into the same issue. :)
I can't see any mention of @Mike Tougeron having a problem - at least not like the one you're describing.

You might be better off opening a ticket if you've discussed this on the forums and not found a solution.
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