Why do people pay to remove the copyright or go branding free?


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For me I guess it would be primarily aesthetic reasons to have it removed.

I can also imagine if someone runs a forum that's a business they may not want their competitors knowing what the software is that powers the site to stop them from building their own. But XF has so many signature looks to it, that even in a heavily modified forum I imagine someone who knows what they're looking for could figure it out.

Anyone got any other good reasons to remove it?


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Hard to miss. I personally removed the copyright because I wanted to have just Axivo listed with no linkbacks.
I also wanted to help financially the little guys... :)


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My guess is that very few do this. I suppose it would be one step in keeping a site off the Spammers Radar, though.
Doesn't matter. When a bot looks at the site source, it looks for common traits for various software packages. It's easy for a human to figure out which software it is, even easier for a bot.

If we use the branding free version, it's usually to have a clean page with the site or company name on the front, instead of the software company name.


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Think many pay to have it removed for SEO reasons, they don't like a link-back displayed on every page in footer to another site.


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I started to write all kinds of excuses - security, less clutter, etc - but it really comes down to habit. But the habit started when my brother would release shareware - and people bought it out of appreciation. It is not a bad habit :)


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Let's say most forums don't have huge tweaks on their themes, so they can still be tracked to be vb or xf (or any other forum). I never paid for this and wouldn't remove their link anyway. It won't kill my site to have a link to the developer.


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you are wrong...so wikipedia has no value?
Check out link juice. It doesn't matter if Wikipedia has millions of outbound links, each page is evaluated separately, but the more outbound links a Wikipedia page has, the less each is worth, theoretically. I should have said page, not site though.


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I opted to buy Branding Free option because that looked like the best way I could help Xenforo make more money ( a drop in the sea, actually ) to fight IB.


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I don't mind the link to xenforo. But I don't like add-ons that place a link on all my pages. So I have some branding free add-ons. Other add-ons have a link on there own page. That's ok.