Who's on Twitter?


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Since there isn't a way for me to see all of the people who have put Twitter usernames in their profiles here (suggested add-on, perhaps? maybe later), I figure I'll just ask: who's on Twitter? Post your personal and/or forum username(s); I want to put them in a Twitter list. It also would be neat to see how you use your forum's account to advertise stuff--just links to threads, or do you discuss relevant topics externally as well? :)


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me and every member of my xf are members of twitter.
thus far i have installed ragteks global rss and use ping.fm to push them off onto a dedicated twitter account, and also installed the twitter oauth hack.
i try to get the members to follow and retweet, but the lack of a 'tweet this' link makes it harder to kickstart participation.
one aspect of twitter than id love xf to mimic is the ability to use twitter-like 'xf lists'. unfortunately it seems to be all about facebook here :(


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Never used it :( So i have no clue how it works .
It's nice to spit out short messages about the forum and it pulls in a fair amount of traffic, apparently. I also like how you can use hashtags (for example, #musicmonday) to tag tweets with the same content and allow others to find it, i.e. I can tweet about what's new this week with a #musicmonday tag and other users can discuss the music using the same hashtag, which I can also use to see what other users are saying and respond to them. :)
(If you want to see my forum Twitter accounts to see what I mean, they're @pokefarm and @voiceradio, though the latter is relatively new.)