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whos is against/for ACTA

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by maidos, Nov 8, 2010.


Should the entire world adapt to ACTA law?

  1. Yes

    1 vote(s)
  2. No

    15 vote(s)
  1. maidos

    maidos Active Member

    Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, so im wondering who is against and who is for this law. And why?
  2. Jeremy

    Jeremy Well-Known Member

    Since I have no desire to search for what the ACTA law is, I'm not going to vote. But it'd be helpful to those who don't pay attention to law to post what it is. ;)
  3. Floris

    Floris Guest

    Their argument I believe is that if you have written word in any shape or form, and someone makes a copy, and it goes over the border, like .. done with the Internet, that it's considered a federal crime, you're in possession of a counterfeit. Which of course is understandable from their point of view.
  4. maidos

    maidos Active Member

    and also you cannot use one single second clip from example transformer for more than 2 seconds otherwise it gives the hollywood right to sue the one who uploaded it. even if you use that clip for documentary, school education.

    also it gives police the right to arrest anyone without the order from the judge. So police can arrest anyone as long as they suspect someone commiting copyright breach. like the police can take your ipod and demand for proof that uyou legally own it otherwise its jail time

    another part of acta is that isp must implement 3 strikes. last strikes lead to permanent ban, no use of internet at all.so acta law want isp to police monitoring all traffic and they are also liable for it. Isp will also be able to get sued by hollywood much much more easier
  5. Jethro

    Jethro Well-Known Member

    While it sounds good in principle it's also very open to abuse ... so no.
  6. Shelley

    Shelley Well-Known Member

    I'm against it because whales and dolphins should not be subjected by this persisting brutality. I'm still reading this book (below) so excuse my ignorance on the ACTA.

  7. mjp

    mjp Well-Known Member

    Whoa now, slow down there, pardner. Just about everything you've said here is wrong. I don't know which grey gulag you're typing from, but police, as a rule, do not generally go around enforcing trade agreements.

    What you are talking about is not a law, it's an intellectual property trade agreement. And it's only a proposal that is still some time away from being ratified by a significant number of countries. What it would do is set up a DMCA-like structure (i.e., safe harbor) that would be used by any countries who agree to abide by it. So far, that is a short list of countries (and it doesn't include China, which renders it next to useless, insofar as something meant to slow down counterfeiting).

    If you dig deep enough you will likely find that the businesses behind this are the same lot who brought about DMCA; primarily MPAA and RIAA. They haven't stopped counterfeiting anywhere, they have just made it inconvenient for large scale counterfeiters. Does that make it a bad idea? I guess that depends on which side of that whole mess you land on. I am not exactly pro-MPAA or RIAA, but I have been, and continue to be, involved in creative endeavors, and I am not against people having the means to protect their work. You can do that without being an overbearing **** though, which is a concept Hollywood and the music business don't quite grasp yet.

    The sky is not falling. It's part of my job to follow these kinds of things, and so far I don't see anything oppressive or anti-freedom on the horizon. If this worries you because it will make it difficult for you to steal movies and music, you aren't going to get a lot of sympathy from me. Get a job and buy them, you cheap *******s. But if you aren't doing that, this proposal (that no one adheres to yet) probably won't affect you. Just like all the current laws that do the same thing don't currently affect you.
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  8. maidos

    maidos Active Member

    acta gives the police the authority to act at their own discretion after reading the acta propsal from october. Even if police doesnt act that generally it still gives the police the possibility to act like that legally and thats what i wanted to point out
  9. mjp

    mjp Well-Known Member

    What police? I think you misread something.
  10. Forsaken

    Forsaken Well-Known Member

    Did a cursory look through the current draft: Nowhere does it mention anything regarding the police.
  11. maidos

    maidos Active Member

  12. mjp

    mjp Well-Known Member

    Yeah, okay.

    Do you have anything that isn't some bloggers interpretation? You'll forgive me if I don't get my legal opinions from zeropaid.com.
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