Authenticate user against XenForo database?


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I have seperate application (chat application) and I want to add a forum to our website.

Is it possible to authenticate user against XenForo database?

i.e. we make user register in XenForo, then the user also use username and password for chat application.

Chat application allow SQL statement for MySQL.

Can we do something like below against XenForo database (if so, what is correct query)?

Our chat application will send SQL statment to XenForo similar to below:

select count(*) from xenforo_users where xenforo_user = 'blah' and xenforo_pass = 'blah';

Is it possible to do this against XenForo database, and can someone help with correct database/column names?


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It is possible, however you would need to ask in the relevant development forums once you have purchased XenForo.