Who's got beta 2 installed already?


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Just downloaded it, gonna update my test site in a min to see how the upgrader works, then will junk my test site and do a fresh install to test out the importer again to see if it will import y users this time


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I uploaded and upgraded within 15min of the release... its a very simple and straight forward process very nice.

Issues so far... NONE... header logo returned to the original xenForo one but that was probably down to the new header template... nothing else changed all my mods still work.


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I had a feeling it was coming out this morning and was camping the announcement forums; snagged it about a minute after release and have been playing with it since then :D Works wonderfully!


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Uploaded and upgraded on my test site. The only issue I've found so far is it breaks some coloration on the XFStop Styles. But it's great practice for me to find/fix it.


I've waited 30 minutes to see if any major unforeseen bugs came up - they haven't so far.
Backed up my data, put the site behind .htaccess and run the upgrade.
Made a new default style and re-applied the few template changes I had.
And made sure the favicon / header logo and .htaccess is how I want it.

As a security measure I've also changed my account password, never hurts to cycle.