Fixed  Beta 2 Installation on Windows Apache 2

Sorry for my english.

Well.. There is a encoding problem. The picture can explain better than me.

I temporarily fix this on XenForo/Application.php

public static function gzipContentIfSupported(&$content)
		return array();
		if (!function_exists('gzencode') || empty($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING']))
			return array();

		$headers = array();

		if (strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING'], 'gzip') !== false)
			$headers[] = array('Content-Encoding', 'gzip', true);
			$headers[] = array('Vary', 'Accept-Encoding', false);

			$content = gzencode($content, 1);

		return $headers;



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Moving to bugs. I have a fix for this. It's caused by zlib.output_compression. Will post the full fix later, but if you're affected by this issue, the change posted in the initial message is sufficient.