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I use on some of my forums reviewpost (www.photopost.com)

Reviewpost is not supported anymore and there will be obviously neither a new version of it. It will be soon incompatible with the newer versions of PHP.

I want to have an importscript of Reviewpost into either Showcase or Ressource Manager (do you know other alternatives?).

I made my first attempts already here:



I am looking for people who are in the same boat.

So what I need?

Please post whether you are interested in a Reviewpost importscript and describe which software you would prefer as the final destination (Showcase, Ressource Manager or something else I am not aware of) and which setup you are currently using with your Reviewpost installation (stand alone, shared registration with vb or XF etc.) .

Software developpers can contact me too, of course, if they think they can do an importscript for this...

i had vbulletin with reviewpost
switched over to xenforo but had to leave my reviewpost behind

ended up buying showcase but would love to have an easier way to import over the stuff from reviewpost.
i'm doing it the hard way right now which is creating a newshowcase item..and then copying and pasting. taking FOOOOORRREEEEVVVER.

and i saw that you asked bob already at showcase

following this and hope you come up with a solution! :D

I am pretty sure that Bob would do that, if just enough people would vote for it (and pay for it as an extra script). But the last time Bob asked that question in his own forum, nobody came back to him.

So it all depends on us. If Reviewpost users are too lazy to post here, it is normal that nobody is motivated to write an importsscript.

We need more people who are in the same boat and post here to support that idea.
must've missed that post.

there was a photopost one...but not sure why there isn't a reviewpost one.
800 views/clicks so far but only 3 comments ?????

Come on boys, at least give a"like"...
and i'm still manually copying data over still...watch..by the time i get down to the last couple ones...it'll come out! :D
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