1. Dakis

    XF 1.5 Partial photopost import

    Ok so I've imported my photopost pro a few months back, and it all went well - or so I thought. Specific members' photos never imported, and the reason is these members did not have a username (!) in the photopost table for some reason. Now, I can track these members down using their IDs in...
  2. Sim

    MG 1.1 Import from Photopost - redirect embedded image URLs?

    I've just completed a migration from vB 3.8.x + Photopost to XF + XFMG and was wondering if there is an automated mechanism for redirecting embedded image URLs that were embedded from the gallery in forum posts on the old site. For example, we have plenty of posts that were imported where there...
  3. snoopy5

    Other Who wants an importscript to import Reviewpost?

    Hi I use on some of my forums reviewpost ( Reviewpost is not supported anymore and there will be obviously neither a new version of it. It will be soon incompatible with the newer versions of PHP. I want to have an importscript of Reviewpost into either Showcase or...
  4. Lloyd32552

    XF 1.5 Help import vB4 and Photopost

    I've finished installing Xenforo/Xenforo Gallery on a new host and everything is running fine. I have not touched anything since the install so no records exist. I have backed up my DB from my old host and it exists as a .gz file on my computer. I have the config.php file from the vB4.23/BB5.41...
  5. dotpro

    XF 1.5 How to handle 13 year old forum/gallery migration?

    Hi, I know it has to be done but I've put it off for last year or so. I've slowly switched my smaller websites from vB to XF and now I have a bigger and 13 year old forum and gallery website which needs to move. So far I've done some manual redirection of the photopost gallery to new one. I...
  6. DragonFlames

    MG 1.1 Photopost import

    Hi, I recently imported a large Photopost system into XFMG. Generally it all went very well and I am very pleased with the results. I do have a couple of things I have not been able to solve that I think I should mention/ask about. Firstly, none of the ratings seem to have imported. I have...
  7. DragonFlames

    MG 1.1 Importing from Photopost

    Hi, MG 1.1.1 XEN 1.5.1 I am trying to import from Photopost running on XenForo. The import ran for about 6 hours importing media and then it just showed a blank white screen. Looking at the Server Error Log it shows this: ErrorException: Fatal Error: Allowed memory size of 268435456...
  8. alexD

    Add-on development and data migration tools [$40/h short-term, $25/h long-term]

    Not available (until further notice)