Who using Office 2010?


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I'm thinking of upgrading the 2007 version to 2010. Anyone has experience in both can comment?
I use mostly Outlook and a bit of Word/Excel.


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I've been using it for a while and like it. I use Word, Outlook and OneNote fairly regularly. And PowerPoint and Excel when necessary.


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And you guys used 2007 version for sometimes and think 2010 is better? Or you just start out directly with 2010?

Fred Sherman

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Office Pro, then 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. The latest is the best, most cohesive offering yet. Its not really a bundle of products. I can drop a spreadsheet or visio diagram into a word document and, if necessary edit it from within the document, including changing formulas, if necessary.

The biggest change, as was already pointed out, is in Outlook. A much more "social media aware" application and more discussion oriented rather that chronological email.


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I'm also using 2010, though I have to admit I do not see that much of a difference with 2007. My main use of 2007 over previous versions was when I used Excel for BI purposes, and the additional functionality proved to be so much better for us BI folks. I actually went the way of OpenOffice for a bit, until I managed to enroll in Microsoft BizSpark and now can use the full Office Suite virtually for free.


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I use 2010 but it is very buggy and I may even switch back to 2007.

One of the main problems is automatic updating of linked spreadsheets.
Even though I have set this to automatically update/allow, it still prompts me every single time I open the spreadsheet.


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maybe not. After reading some comments on MS support site, it looks like 32b is better way to go.
If it's any consolation, I use 64 bit, and have not had any trouble, whatsoever.

Judging by your past posts, though, you're prolly looking at using far more advanced math stuff than I am, so your milage might vary.


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I bought Office 2010 in the summer then completely forgot I even had it lol. Thanks for reminding me! Really must dig that out and get it installed. I'm such a scatterbrain sometimes lol.