Who do you work for?


I thought I'd ask this community something for a change, weird huh? Has this thread already come up?

I'm just wondering what kinds of people run communities these days, I wonder how far and wide these things go. And if you're still at school, or self employed, or unemployed... do tell. ;)

Here goes nothing!

I work for a company called Maplin. If you're in the UK or Ireland you probably are aware of them. They sell pretty much anything that's electronic, as well as computer components and electrical components like motors, fuses, diodes, resistors, capacitors and the like.


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I work for Ericsson in the UK as a field engineer. Working all the hours under the sun so T Mobile and H3G customers can make phone calls. Fun huh?


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Here and there around my town ^_^
Used to get played for playing Dota dam I miss them days lol

as for Maplins any free catalogs going :oops:


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pharma software dev industry but would like to be working for the gaming industry (HUGE Blizzard fan).

PS. colegue of mine quit some time ago and now works in the porn industry ... have to get some feedback from him to really know if my inspirations need to change :)