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XF 1.4 White Line in Avatar


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So, my community has brought a weird problem to my attention. We're using L-size avatars across the forum, and most of the members use rectangular/tall avatars. However, when some of them get uploaded a white line is added to the bottom or the right side of the image. I thought it was just some css at first, but I pulled the images into photoshop, and the line is right in the file. It's at the bottom for tall images, and on the right side for wide images.

It's not every avatar, and I think it might be size related.

My personal avatar is uploaded as a 192x370 image and the forum does not resize it. It does not have a white line.

However, another member's avatar is uploaded as a 720x400 image, and the forum does resize it, resulting in an avatar with a white line on the right.

And another member's avatar is uploaded as a 200x320 image, and the forum resizes it, resulting in an avatar with a white line on the bottom.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm running XF 1.4.10.


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Are you using ImageMagick for thumbnails?

I had this happen to me quite awhile ago... it started happening when I switched to Imagemagick for thumbnail generation. Indeed it was adding a one pixel white line on the top of all avatar uploads. At the time I switched back to GD as I couldn't resolve it.. thinking back now an old version was likely installed from an old repository.

Recently I switched back to Imagemagick (ensuring it was up to date) after moving to two different hosts and it seem to be behaving now.


XenForo developer
Staff member
We have made a tweak here since this thread. Are you running 1.5.7? If not, updating to that will likely resolve the issue. (It's possible the change could be in the next release, though I don't believe so.)

Alternatively, it's not an issue in GD.