XF 1.5 Avatar in Avatar

After i change from vBulletin to xenforo i see that i have in some Threads where i posted a Avatar in Avatar and in Threads where i posted after change to Xenforo not.

Am i right that the Avatar in Avatar shows up if i has posted in this Forum?

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Chris D

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That's correct. Your own avatar will appear over the thread starter's avatars on threads which you have posted in.
Thank you @Chris D for your fast Answer.
Where i can control that its showed up again?

Because now if i answer in a Thread i can not see the Avatar in Avatar Symbol.

Chris D

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It is not something which you can switch off. It may be something that can be disabled using a third party style. If you use a third party style then you could check with the author of that.

For old threads before the import you should run the rebuilds available in Admin CP > Tools > Rebuild Caches.
@Chris D i tried out with Standard Xenforo Template and there i have the same issue.
As you can see in the Picture i just answer in this Thread but it´s not shown my Miniavatar.

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You need to rebuild thread caches with the "Rebuild position and post counters" option enabled. It isn't enabled by default as it makes the process significantly more intensive.