which RSS Feed are you using ?


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wondering which RSS Feeds (from what kind of sources) you are using ?

There are certain RSS-Feeds which are not allowed to use for other websites or need to pay for them.... at least some media-companies in my country are not allowing to import their RSS into my website, which seems rather strange to me.

I am also not sure how to configure various Feeds, in order not having them flooding the website with thousands of posts? How do you guys deal with that ?


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Well I would create (personally) a forum called External News and have that be the forum for threads started by feeds just to keep those all in one place all nice and neat.

Which sites are you trying to get feeds from, and is it stated on that site policy-wise that you many not embed feeds to your site?

Personally I havn't found a feed that won't embed here..( server in question is in US and I believe all the sites I have tried have been as well minus a few random ones I have tried from European based sites.)

Working for me so far:
try this for a new registered feed... http://news.google.com/news?ned=us&topic=w&output=rss

Instructables.com (all feeds)
numerous private sites