which is the "what's new" template?


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I am looking for how to change the "Board Title" within the template of the "What's New"-page.

I have found a template named "find_new_threads", but this template seems to be not the correct one in order to change the "Board-Title" for just this page.
I am looking for the template at which it displays the text "No results found" when clicking onto "What's New".

Thanks for help!


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That's the correct template. But it also uses search_results_users_only

It's not the Board Title you need to change. All that does is it displays the main title of your forum, the same as the front page.

I've seen other complaints on here from people who don't like that message being displayed.
There may be better solutions if you search more on here
- try "No results found" in the search here.

A simple way to improve this is to change those 3 words in Phrases.

admincp/ Appearances/ Phrases

Put "results" in the search

Change it in the BOTTOM BOX ONLY to something friendlier.

can do similarly
I changed this to
You have no unread threads - you have read them all. You could look at <a href="{link}">view all recent threads</a> instead.


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my issue is a different one:

I have actually changed the "Board-name" (which is the text in the "h1") to be different to the "website title".

So my "website title" text is much longer (more words) which makes it look a bit strange at the "What's New"-page to show this long "website title".

This long "website title" is showing up at the "What's New" page (when not being logged-in) when there are "No results found". I would like to put my "h1" text instead of the "website title" for this page.

This is the reason I need to find the following code which is being displayed at the "What's New"-page when this page is showing "No results found".

Changing the wording for "h1" works fine at the Homepage, but it still shows the long title (website-title) at the "What's New"-page.

It must be somewhere in the template named "find_new_threads". But I have already changed the code mentioned above, but it still shows the long "website title".