Which is the SMTP provider that you're using for your forum ?


My forum has been flooded by spammers and posts so I wonder that Which is the SMTP provider that you're using for your forum ?
I tried Google business email however it's too slow when people are submitting their posts.

Anthony Parsons

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I have a 100% delivery rate for all valid email accounts with SES. Which means all valid accounts are getting the content in their inbox and not junk box.

Anyone who marks their mail as spam, it comes back to me and I remove them.

Anthony Parsons

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SNS is a send and receive service. You can add a pixel into an email and subsequently track it. Its one of the few ways to do it via Amazon services. You can additional add SQS to help process queued information received.

Sure, you can use other services which do all this built-in. I use amazon centrally for most things I do... so I like to keep it all with Amazon.
There are always two perspectives to decide for the best: Quality vs Quantity
Here is a comparison sheet if you are just referring to quantity at a lower cost. You will clearly see, Sparkpost and Amazon wins.

But, in case you are concerned about your email deliverability problems then the comparison should be on some other factors too. Example:
1. What type of customers an ESP is onboarding? - Most of the times you will be on shared infra and hence the neighborhood matters a lot.
2. How responsive is their support team? - No one can guarantee 100% deliverability/inboxing and hence in case of any issues how responsive is the team to listen your problems.
Scalability and reliability are given :)

There is only one player in this entire race, who believes that email (which is actually an open source) should be completely free- Nothing to be paid for sending emails. Pepipost is on a mission to make this happen. They are working towards cleaning the spam ridden email ecosystem by building the world's largest community of good senders. The first step towards this is making the email conversations (i.e. email opens, clicks) free.
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Send grid is $19.99/month for 100k emails.

So if you send 2000 emails in a month it's quite expensive.

While postmarkapp is like the old mandrill app before it was mushed into a mail chimp + monthly.

Postmarkapp can't be used for mailing lists only transactional type email.