XF 1.2 Which function adds the node classes to the body tag?

Stuart Wright

Well-known member
Hi folks,
we want to add all the node classes to the body tag in our editorial pages.
An editorial piece will be associated with a particular forum for the comments.
So we have the associated forum ID.
So which function to we call to insert the node classes into the body tag please?
And is there an example of how to do it?
Many thanks.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Vague because on mobile.

Look in forum_view template for xen:container var

Pretty sure one of them is something like $bodyClasses or similar.

Then in your custom editorial container you obviously need to call the helper in the body class= attribute.

You can just copy that from PAGE_CONTAINER.

That's from memory. I'll double check later.