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Which Apache MPM do you use?

Which MPM do you use?

  • Prefork

  • Worker

  • Event

  • I don't use Apache

  • I have no idea

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The following highly rated ServerFault post argues for using the Event MPM rather than PreFork or Worker:

People called the post "epic" and canonical in the comments. Does it apply to XF, though?

Which Apache MPM do you use? Have you tried Event? It looks like just a couple of clicks to upgrade to it if you have a cPanel/WHM VPS.

And should I try it? That would make my cPanel stack into Apache2.4/Event/FastCGI/PHP5.5. My old VPS has Apache2.2/PreFork/SuPHP/PHP5.3, and I'm pretty lucky to have two VPSs at the moment to play with, so I can experiment before migrating my site. The apps we run, over 5 cPanel accounts include XF, Mediawiki and WordPress.
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That would make my cPanel stack into Event/FastCGI/PHP5.5. My old VPS has PreFork/SuPHP/PHP5.3,
Going from PreFork -> Worker/Event is an important thing to control cpu & memory usage, as it means you only have a smaller pool of php workers finishing requests in a decent time rather than a large pool consuming all your resources and finishing nothing.

PHP 5.3 -> PHP 5.5 will use a fair bit less memory, which helps scalability.

But all that is wall dressing. Just changing from SuPHP -> FastCGI is probably going to give you a crazy silly performance improvement that makes everything else look small.

It is the single biggest change you can make for performance.
<doing the happy dance>

But please do vote in the poll. I had thought that the vast majority of people used PreFork, and I'd love to find out the truth.