Where do YOU store your Photos & Videos?


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I want to have a unified network of backing up all of my personal photos & videos somewhere and not sure where to use. I have mac/iphone and a thunderbolt storage but want something online too as iCloud can only do but so much.

I have thought about Dropbox, Justcloud and few others but what is exactly the BEST place to store all of this to do the following:

Backing up Photos/Videos
Sharing Photos/Videos wherever im at


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You use your computer as your server? So if the server dies...so does your computer and all your files?? /eh ok...

Drop box is a good service.


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Google+. Is free and unlimited, plus it has a neat Android instant upload from my phone.
I used to use Flickr Pro, but to myself Google+ meets better my needs. The max image size is 2048x2048px though.