Not a bug When someone likes your profile comment, the link brings you to your profile, with no comment likes


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As above, it's weird. When someone posts regular status updates, or you post on someone elses profile, the associated like notification links to the correct page, but isn't obviously associated with any status or update. The like isn't there anywhere and it feel like a dead link. It feels off and you can't find context for the alert.


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Are you sure this is not just your custom style not displaying elements?

Here is a profile post from my profile here at XF, you can see likes from another member and my like to a response.


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You will need to check in a default style to confirm it isn't a style issue.

You can confirm if there are any likes associated with a profile post using the URL format:

Where 123 is the profile post ID.


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I can't reproduce this either, so I suspect it may be something specific to your site. Definitely worth testing the default style with add-ons disabled.


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There was such bug in that style in old version, but it was fixed long time ago. Probably over a year ago. Try updating style.