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People know how to make suggestions for the software and show their support for existing suggestions. The suggestions forum has been around for so long now, and has so many threads, that we really do feel it is indicative of the general consensus within the customer base. We also monitor other things, of course, such as random conversations which appear around the forum, or duplicate suggestions and feedback to come to us in other ways.

Clearly, if there's as many as 170 likes for a feature such as push notifications (first suggested only 5 years ago), but nearly 10 times fewer for something like newsletter functionality, it kind of speaks volumes.

Sorry that's not what you want to hear, but it's quite clear that "70-80%" isn't accurate. Obviously we keep a close eye on Suggestions in general and if there comes a time where there's a higher perceived demand for such a feature, it will be considered, but for now it is fairly low down on the list of priorities.

This isn't the thread to continue such a discussion so let's leave it at that, for now.


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You say they don't realise it's important but want to poll them to see how important they consider it to be? That doesn't really make sense...

If it was seen as a real need, it'd be the #1 suggestion on here. I agree that polling requirements by looking at the suggestion forum is a poor methodology but if you said "XF have resources to spend a fixed number of man-hours on developing an official addon, which should it be?" then I'm confident "newsletter" wouldn't win.


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Come on! What kind of argumentation is that?

Maybe you should send out an email to all members and make a poll. If you can inform us about new software updates, you can also raise a poll for this feature and inform everybody about it by email. Not hidden in a corner ;)

But to argument, that there is no significant interest in a newsletter feature by showing an almost hidden old thread is ridiculus. Scan my postings and you will see many postings about this feature request. Scan for "phplist", "mandrill", "sendmail" etc. and you will find more from other users. This is no accident, that people ask for this in your forum and that there are even addons for this.

A professional newsletter feature is a lot more importat for ALL your customers than new emoticons in XF2.0!

Since 8 years (!) we are akking for this feature. Why XF is ignoring this? If that sound like I am pi..., it is because I am pi..., sorry.

If you are unsure, send out an email to all of us and kae a poll. But then you have also to live with the votes. And it is for sure, that at least 70-80% of your customers wants to have it.
More important than ahem...Emojis? 😲🙃🤪❗❓


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Sometimes, you have to put the nose of someone onto a problem before he realizes, that there is a problem ;)

by the way: phplist is a free script and VERY professional. We only need an integration-port-bridge with XF

@Chris D

o.k., I respect that and do not go too much into detail here. But see it from this side:

1. We can not use push notification with iOS devices. As long as Apple does not support it, ressources are waisted, because then you have a 2class membersship.

2. We do not have an XF App, which would be the best way in modern times to communicate with users to get them back

So the only way to defend old classic forums like XF against the competition of Facebook & Co is sending emails to get users back.

This is the reason why it is so important. Is this so hard to see?


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You're focus is on "getting users back" rather than "keeping them" in the first place. There are lots of community engagement tools that would lead to more users staying on your site rather than needing to be encouraged to come back. Stuff like Post Ratings addon massively helps with user engagement. Something like "trending content" has been shown to have the same effect, keeping users online for longer and making them more likely to participate in your community. I'd consider both of them more important than a newsletter (for example). If the XF team has limited resources then they have to prioritise.


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Yes you can, it's just not free > XenPushover. Or free, but shady > Tapatalk. Or really expensive > custom app
Xenpushover costs a fortune, if you want to send many alerts. I have forums with which I have to email 30.000 users each week for each forum.

Tapatalk? No thanks. I do not give them my content for free ;)


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You're focus is on "getting users back" rather than "keeping them" in the first place
It is the same. How do you think that Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter et alii can grow so strong and keep their users involved? Not because of likes. Because of notifications sent to their users in the "inbox", no matter wht knd of inbox that is (an app for example or via email).


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You’re making an excellent argument for why push notifications are important!

XF already supports email notifications.

A newsletter isn’t either of those and doesn’t notify you of anything in real time. It does a very different job (to try and re-engage with users).


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As Chris asked, this thread should not be only about newsletter demand. For all who are interested in this, I recommend to read a little bit in marketing books (Porter, Kotler/Bliemel, McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group et alii), to learn how important email newsletters are for every kind of business and interaction with the customer. If someone does not see it, I can not help.

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Only in the same way it was before - you use [CODE=rich][/CODE].

There’s no syntax highlighting in that mode but you can control the formatting yourself.


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There are 3 types of XF customers, much the same as 3 different types of customers of a corporate Help Desk.
1. The User
The user is the one that just uses the software, they are quiet, don't speak up much and often suffer in silence. They may install XF and perhaps just change the Logo and colour here and there.
2. The Power User
This type of user is the bread and butter of XF and would account for the majority of web sites out there. The problem with this type of user is they are not developers but try and bend software into something they want. In a corporate environment they are the ones that create macros in MS Excel to do things etc and thus are the biggest pain to a Help Desk as they know enough to get themselves into trouble. BUT, it is these people that MS has openly stated and realises as being their biggest income bracket and are the ones that they must listen to and try to satisfy hence why MS Office is so adaptable by simplifying VB into VBA. This is the customer base that XF ignores as Power Users are not typical grandstanders like developers are for fear of being told they are stupid plus developers speak the development language more with developers than Power Users.
3. The Developer
This group are usually the more vocal and seem to communicate with other developers in the same language, the same personality, which makes the developers on both sides of the software equation more relaxed at the cost of the biggest customer base, the Power User.

I come from the senior levels in corporate and can speak from initially being a developer to now a Power User and I can say that XF v2 is NOT what I like and the developer focus and skills needed to make an XF v2 site something absolutely brilliant like you can do with XF v1 is now very very limited pushing out the Power User. A Power User probably knows html to an advanced level and now just the templates are so far away from html, they are made more powerful so a young developer can understand them and not the average site Power User owner is in my opinion a very bad more. I personally feel that I can make my v1 XF site far greater than v2 which is why at this stage I probably will not renew my multiple XF licenses.

XF is now ignoring their biggest market, the Power User, and over the years I saw vBulletin go the same way and look at them now...perhaps it's time to look at the other solutions for Power Users like Burning Board and other offerings that are simple for the Power User to create some fantastically unbelievable sites in a very easy and more enjoyable way!
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