Not a bug What's New and new posts


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Affected version
Xenforo 2.0.2
Don't know if this is as designed, but I find it a bit strange.
It seems like new threads or new posts in existing threads won't show in What's New -> New posts until someone posts another post or create a new thread.

Steps to recrate at my forum.

1) User A create post 1 in an existing thread
2) It will not show in What's New -> New Posts
3) It will show at the forum frontpage (home)
4) User B create post 2 in another existing thread
5) Post 1 will now show in What's New -> New Posts
6) Both shows at the forum frontpage (home)
7) User C create post 3 in an existing thread
8) Post 1 and 2 willl now show in What's New - New Posts
9) All 3 posts shows on forum frontpage (home)
and so on, same for threads.

Example of frontpage, I created 6 threads.

Example of What's New -> New posts only 5 shows. Until I create a new thread again, then Test 6 will show in New Posts.