What You Like The Most About Xenforo?


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What they do they do well. Hopefully 'they' will include new XF developers in the near future, so development speed can increase.


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I liked the way XF looked as soon as I saw it but actually, this board had a lot to do with me buying it. I went to all the top forum software boards, did a lot of research (which is how I found out about the vB drama), but after reading this board it was obvious. For one thing, every board had the same overriding question in the pre-sales room and that was "can I import my vB board". That pretty much sealed me from getting vB...LOL

But the support from other license holders seems a lot higher here than any of the other boards I looked at. And that makes a lot of difference.

Jake Bunce

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Of course I like the forum as a product, but the big appeal for me is the platform aspect. XF is very friendly to developers.