What was your first website? :)


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So just wondering, what the first website you ever created?

My first site was talkfitness.org, which was a fitness forum. It didn't do that well and I've taken it down for a few years now.


My first ever site which i learned quite a bit off was an Age of Empires clan site i made on freewebs about 6 years ago. Been down for a good few years but it was great fun to have.


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My first was wcsauto.com ... many moons ago.

I don't have the files any more, but still have a printout of it. A single page. Makes me smile when I look at it's clunky style. Those were the days eh - design it for Netscape with a couple of basic buttons - job done. :)

Now it's 54 different types of browser, a dozen *******ised HTML standards, mobile/ipad devices, flash, video, AJAX, etc. etc.

Shaun :D


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I jumped on the proxy sites bandwagon about 5 minutes before it veered off the road, hit a tree and burst into flames. After that I bought into vbulletin and kept myself amused for several years. Now I find myself here :D

Anthony Parsons

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My first site was back around 95... selling SEO services, well... back then, it was more link farming, spamming and keyword bloating. If you remember AltaVista days and such, when you searched for just about anything and came up with all the wrong sites, I had a finger in that pie.


I don't even know the URL anymore. :[ 1992 or 1993 is a long time ago. hehe


mine was a geocities one ... was a fansite to my then gf (we later got engaged and she cheated on me so site dissappeared then)


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I think my first site was done with moonfruit, I can't even remember what the site was about.

Mattie Num Nums

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mattlee.simplenet.com - Basically I had 3 sites. One for my High School Hockey Team, one for Guitar Tabs, and another for Personal photos and daily updates; that would be called blogging these days :)


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Mine was also on Geocities back in 96/97, and no, I don't remember the url but it's successor still lives on on my own server with it's own url.


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I don't even know the URL anymore. :[ 1992 or 1993 is a long time ago. hehe
lol i didnt even have internet until 1999

My first website was a forum Invision free it was called Doberman Parade after a few months i upgraded to a commercial IPB license then about 6 months after that i switched forum software again to vB 3.8 beta Bought a new domain for SEO purposes, and still to this day run that site except now it is titled Doberman Chat


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My first ever site was (looking back now) a really bad idea and a huge embarrassment, soooo glad it's no longer around