What to look for when taking over a forum


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What are the things you need to be aware when taking over a forum so that the previous administrator doesn't come back trying to sue you or something like that... ??

Is there a type of lawyer I should consult before just in case, if so, what type you recommend.

thank you.
make a contract stating that any and all graphics, design, domain name, and all things related to said forum will be 100% owned by you.

Look for members wanting to set an example of a new admin, seek out friendly members for changes advice.
When I took over my forum it was pretty easy the former owner wanted out. I kept the original domain but did do a slight name change and pointed the old name to the new name software upgrade, server upgrade and rebranding and new graphics. This would be a good chance you have to clean up and such. If you have a problematic moderator or administrator now is the time to get rid of them. The former owner was an absentee owner and never spent time on the forum. Members like it when the owner interacts with them. I made a suggestion box thread.
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