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Hi, my first post and I'm new to XF and forum set up. Have built sites before but never a forum, so here goes and please be gentle when I ask real stupid questions (everyone starts somewhere)
I have been a member of a small free forum for some years. The person who built it and maintained it has suddenly up and left. I have full access to the hosting with server back ups. I have admin access to the forum and have the registrar login..... But I don't know what else I need to fix/repair the forum.
It's currently up with some functionality, but some errors stop you from reading the posts.
So, apart from the server and the forum admin/control what else do in need? I've never used XenForo and am new to PHP

Said it was a real beginner question
You will need to get the current license holder to either transfer the license to you, or add you as an associated forum user to their account, so you can obtain support.
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