What to do when the sidebar is too long?


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Having too many subforums is often listed as a classic mistake that new forums make (I get ten points for finding this link -- perhaps they are only stalker points, but that was a post that influenced me when I was just starting). So what do you do when your sidebar is longer than your forum list?

I really like @BamaStangGuy 's "who has visited in 24 hours" addon because it let's people know that their posts are read by people they know, but usually I modify it to show fewer people. The following image shows how it would look if I configured things the way I'd like to configure them rather than how they are configured on a day to day basis.


Thoughts? Would [bd] Widget Framework fix it?
use the wd widget block for "24 hours block" and set it to show under the forum list instead of the sidebar :)
You could change the number showing in Members Online Recently (if it's the one from @BamaStangGuy) to show fewer members (the rest would appear in the View More link).
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