What to do when a question isn't a question?

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Sorry that sounds absurd, and maybe I should be asking this in forum management forum.

It's about question thread types, specifically in forums that allow both discussion and question type threads.

The xenforo question type thread is geared towards questions that have either one correct answer (marked as solution) or varying "qualities" of answer as voted.

But I found members will choose thread type as a question, then ask "What do you think of Harry Kane?"

In which case the upvoting/downvoting solution options make no sense.

So it all becomesa bit of nonsense, and you can't blame the member who posted, it was indeed a question. Just not the right type of question for a question type thread?

So what is the solution to this?
1. Leave it alone, not a big deal.
2. Inform members with notices.
3. Use thread prompts to help.
4. Moderate the thread and adjust the question options:
Allow question actions
No voting or solution options will be displayed. This is primarily useful for announcements or sticky threads that aren't directly questions.
Voting will not be allowed and a solution cannot be selected, but existing values will be displayed.

5. Moderate the thread type and inform.
I agree that education is a big part of it. Moderate the thread and change it to discussion, then put in a post explaining why. If you have a "Forum News" page or forum, some kind of explanation should be posted there as well, especially if you don't want to mess with existing threads that were put in that way.

That said, I think I can see cases where this might sort of work. Someone asking "Should I see Shang-chi (insert movie/tv show/play/book of choice)?" could then pick the one that sold (or unsold) them on it as the "Solution". People could upvote arguments for or against that they like. Just thinking a bit outside the box. There is technically no right answer since movies are a matter of taste (the best ever Marvel movie ever would still probably not interest my partner who thinks superheroes are silly kid stuff) but there can be better (more detailed, well argued) answers vs. things like "Yeah, go see it."
Education is a pain in the ass because you need to continually educate (new members etc.). It sometimes means things are not clear on your site (forum categories, etc.). I agree with education but also using it as a red flag, and trying to improve usability.
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