What parts of Xenforo are AJAX ?

Digital Doctor

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Is there a list of what is AJAX in Xenforo and what isn't ?
I know this is probably a non-programmer way to think of things.

I was thinking about how one part I like about Xenforo is how fast the moving from page to page is when skimming the pages of What's New. you know clicking this stuff ...[1][2][3][4].

It's almost instant. I assume that is from AJAX, non ?

Switching from page to page is much slower in IPB, as well in IPB, the page blanks and then repopulates, which makes it feel slower.

I assume Alerts are AJAX. I assume the "Thanks for reporting" or "Your thread has been posted" message is AJAX.


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alerts are, anything that uses the overlay system is, hovering the mouse-over inbox/alerts is ajax (the little arrows in "what's new" is js, but not really ajax, since no new data needs to be retrieved), but switching from page to page isn't Ajax

If you look through the JavaScript files, and look for "XenForo.register", you'll find lots of forms that are bound to the AutoValdator class ... these all allow Ajax submission

Generally, if you see the "FaceBook Like" waiting icon in the top right hand corner, then you are making an Ajax request rather than loading a new page

Some good videos (not necessary just for developers) Kier added:

I think the quick page to page loading is related to a low query count, efficiently queries and caching (not Ajax requests)

Chris D

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Page navigation is an entirely new page load so not AJAX.

For the most part AJAX is anything that refreshes on the screen without going to a new page or refreshing the entire existing page.


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As outlined, pretty much every interaction that doesn't refresh the page is AJAX.

Thread previews are one not mentioned.

Digital Doctor

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That's a huuuuge topic with so many factors, including the speed at which the server sends the data and the speed of your own internet connection.
Does it help my internet is mad fast and IB has crazy money to spend on servers ? Having eliminated those two ... what is left ?