XF 1.2 What is Unconfirmed ?


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They will still be in the Registered user group, their status will be "awaiting email confirmation".

Liam W

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But they don't get user title that I assigned for Unconfirmed members.
They won't, they're not part of that usergroup - they just get it's permissions.

(Guests, on the other hand, are part of that usergroup and will get the same user title)

Liam W

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Actually , I want to set user title for Unconfirmed users and block to get pm.They can get and answers pms.
There isn't an easy way to do that. You would need an addon for the unconfirmed user title.

For the PC's, in XF 1.3 there is a permission to receive PC's. Currently, you can only choose who can start new conversations.