Prevent Unconfirmed Email Addresses from Browsing Community

Prevent Unconfirmed Email Addresses from Browsing Community [Paid] 1.0.1

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Wutime submitted a new resource:

Prevent Unconfirmed Email Addresses from Browsing Community - Prevent users with unconfirmed email address from browsing community until confirmed

Prevent all newly registered users with unconfirmed email addresses from viewing community pages until they’ve confirmed their email address.

Features include:
  • Show detailed message warning users to confirm email (versus default XF notice)
  • Option to add account email update link within message (on/off [default=on])
  • Option to remove other notices from displaying (remove default XF notice [default=off])
  • The message is forced site-wide except on “Account” pages (to...

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Can translate "You have the following option(s)".
Hey :), here is the solution for this missing phrase. In the template wutime_preventemailconfirm_message of this addon, replace the following line:
<li>You have the following option(s):
with this:
<li>{{ phrase('wutime_options_phrase_warn_msg') }}

Then create an expression in English with the title
and for the text of the expression: "You have the following option(s):" (of course! ;))

Then finally, all you have to do is create the 2nd expression in the language of your choice. Same process, you give the same title

That's all!

Great addon, thanks Wutime! I regularly have users who do not confirm their email and sometimes some of them reconnect several times without changing anything.
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