XF 1.2 What is this file for: xmg22opon ?


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Every time I try to copy or backup via ftp or SSH this file I get an error saying there is no permission and im forced to leave it out on my test environment: /internal_data/temp/xmg22opon

Is that file of any importance, things seem to work fine without it? Is it because that file is always active and that prevents it from being locked to copy?


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That almost sounds like it might be from an add-on, possibly Xen Media Gallery?

Have you tried opening the file with a text editor to see what it is?


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Hhhm it could be created from XMG after the fact as some temp file because its not in the default installation files that I can see. I just tried WinSCp to copy and/or open it but I cant even do that:
"Permission denied.
Error code: 3
Error message from server: Permission denied"


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I have a randomly named file in that directory. I always assumed it was a file-lock type thing.
It could be XMG.

It's just a temp file though. Look at its path.

Nothing to worry about.
Any suggestions on how to backup the files directory than so that it ignored that file? I try to backup the DB and files to one place(using the below line) but have to do it the long way because of that file.

tar -cf - /backup.sql /forum/ | gzip -c > /backup.tar.gz

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All files and directories in internal_data should be writable. Some sort of server configuration you have seems to be making files not writable. Deal with that and they should be writable and deletable.

I'm not doing anything special to put any temp files there.

Or just exclude the temp directory.


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It may be writable by your webserver user but not your FTP user. While you can change it with code, you may need your host to delete it (as root) if it's significant.


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No worries, it looks like the tar file, even though it says it failed, its still complete without just that one file (which I don't need).