What is Success to you?


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How do you gauge when a forum or website you run is a success?

I run several big boards for clients and they are statistically and financially successfully.

However I Also class my own xenforo site as a success for its purpose

I wanted a place for myself and my best friend to be able to work on our fiction project together

We do role playing games, since December the 16th we have done over 6500 story posts, registration was disabled and site turned to private as soon as my friend joined up

To me and my friend it brings alot of joy, and therefore is a success.

What do you class as success for you/your sites?


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When I started my site in 1995-1996 I thought, as a dream, that maybe someday I would get 10,000 visitors in month. Compared to other media, that would be a revolution in the small industry I work in!

So I'd say "critical mass" was my first goal. But, behind the scenes, I wanted to create something that people could use - and appreciate. They did and that is what has been driving me ever since!

If my forum was the "5th best" in it's field, I think I'd give up or sell it. But we have been able to be #1 for the entire period since, and that keeps me working hard.

In the end "am I providing something that people use" is the metric for me!

Chris D

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Our site is neither particularly statistically successful or financially successful.

Well, it is quite a large board, with 3 million posts and over the years we've had over 90,000 signups so you might call that a statistical success... but when you compare our activity now to what it was nine years ago, then it's seen a massive decline.

But then there's another factor. Nine years. I was 17 when I joined that site. I'm now married and expecting my first child :D But just the very fact that it's still there, and still relatively popular after that time I guess makes it a success.

steven s

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How do you gauge when a forum or website you run is a success?
When I only have to check in once a day to be sure everyone is playing nice. I can be away for multiple days and everything is still running smoothly. My community runs very well, thank goodness. All I need to do is keep things up to date.


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When you get more than 1 post a day from someone other than yourself. :)
By this measure, I'm plenty successful ;)
For it, it would be to provide a premier source of information for people who make a big (and expensive) education and career decision on their life. If we are able to help them make a more informed decision, we serve our purpose.
When a forum has overflowing members and is very popular. (As you can see Xenoforo is popular)
And has been around long and actually survived over years.