what is MVC ?

Chris D

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I only have fundamental knowledge. But essentially:
  1. The Model represents the application data
  2. The View renders a presentation of model data
  3. The Controller handles and routes requests made by the client
It's essentially a design principal when it comes to application development. So it's not something tangible that XenForo uses, just a framework that XenForo uses.
This thread has some useful information.


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Yorick is right - I find the easiest way for me to understand it is that instead of an file (php, for instance) being a big hairball of all the functions and the supporting stuff, they are separated out into logical parts.

I'm not a programmer, but these phrases make sense to a layman:
"MVC helps out because you know where to look when it comes to modifying components"
"MVC is simply about separating the three key parts of your app to make it easier to test, maintain, etc."