XF 2.1 What is core


I notice some add on need something called Core 1.21 or higher in order for the add on to work. My question what is Core and we’re can I find it
Yes bit not only the AL addon. He's talking about how some addon developers package portions of codes they use across two or more addons that are required for those addons to work properly (and usually are a prerequisite to installing the addons).

You download them from here via the link the developer provides in the addon thread, or in some cases from the developer's website. Then you install the "core" addon just like any other addon.
What is the add-on you're trying to install?

[XFA] Tournament - XF2 3.2.1

Compatible XF 2.x versions

Additional requirements

[XFA] Core > 1.2.1

[XFA] Roster > 2.0.5 (Optional - For team tournaments)

I understand everything but the Core because I can’t find it as a download
I also find that site terribly hard to navigate.
You probably need to contact the developers, possibly via the site you purchased the add-on from.

Maybe @XFA can help.

yes I reach out to the developer already on PM and on his website. He doesn’t have PM installed on his forum so I left a message on his forum. But haven’t received any feedback from them yet. Was hoping someone else could help. O well
I also find that site terribly hard to navigate.

that’s a understatement.
Yeah that's the add-on in question.

I also find that site terribly hard to navigate.

Don't hesitate to suggest us what you find hard to navigate, we use XFRM so it means you find XFRM hard to navigate ? :eek:
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