What is a good option for a "Live" event for a forum ?

Digital Doctor

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FYI: Live Topic for Xenforo by sonnb

If you guys haven't heard of Live Topic from vBulletin, it basically allows people to see new posts in a thread (if posted in X seconds) without refreshing. I run a wrestling forum with a live discussion thread so this would be absolutely amazing.

Is there anything like that out there?

If not, I'm looking for someone to do this. Willing to pay.

February 01, 2013:
Actually it was ready for a long time but I have not release it yet.

Yeah, and let me just say it is awesome. I don't know how my forum would function every day without it.


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Sounds very cool Doc I'd be interested. Would make a great gossip or humour or cumulative storytelling thread.


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Yeah, it sounds like the one that sonnb wrote looks like a normal thread, but loads new posts as they happen. Ideally, you'd be able to reformat the posts and display them in a scrolling box or something. That way, you could package it a little more easily next to a video feed, etc. Then maybe after the event was "closed", the posts go back to looking more like a regular thread with pagination, etc.