what happens when clicking "Facebook Like" ?


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So at the bottom left of each Thread we do have the "FaceBook Like".
What happens when clicking it ?

does it mean the full Thread is getting submitted to FaceBook ?
Can this be integrated somehow when I am running my own FaceBook-page or my own FaceBook-Group ?

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hmmmm... so I guess then it would be possible to get those Threads onto my own FaceBook-page, but not onto a FaceBook-Group ?

I want to pull in users from FB by setting up a FB-page or FB-Group...... not sure how to do this with XF ??


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mmm the web pages you like are shown on your profile pages.

i might be able to use the rss feed to post content automatically to a facebook fanpage. not so sure about groups.

i do not believe there is a RSS feed for posts you liked. but as i have already posted a request. we need to have much enhanced support for RSS feeds at least in the future versions once the things have settled down!


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ähhh.... what is the difference of a "FB fan-page" compared to a "FB personal page" ?
Sorry, am not using FB a lot.... (yet)


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ok facebook profile page is your own profile page that we see when we visit your account!

fan page is something you create yourself. for a brand or a product or a service.

xenforo already has a facebook fan page that you can check out here: http://facebook.com/xenforo

you can start your own fan page of xenforo but then there is no need and that might be considered as copyright/trademark infringement by facebook.

facebook like button is to let you share web pages you like on your own profile page so that your friends on FB can see them.


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but a "FB fan-page" is actually the same as a "FB personal-page", right ?
I mean: when I go to FB and want to create a fan-page, I would register a new FB-account and then create my fan-page.
Saying I would not create a fan-page when being logged-in into FB with my personal-account, right ?


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no. fan page are connected to your own personal account. they are supposed to be made to promote your own products and services.

you do not make a new facebook account for a product or service you offer! you just create a fan page as described below.

facebook is different from twitter in this aspect. twitter requires a different account with a different user name and password for products and services you want to promote through it. facebook lets you manage them all through your primary profile.

ok do one thing check this link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/browser.php

this is a directory of fan pages on the service. as you can see they are based on products, services, brands and so on.

you can become a fan of any of these. you can start your own fan page by going here:


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oh, I see.......thanks for this !

So what we need then is to get the content from our own XF-Forums onto our own FB-fanpages.
This is not possible ????

So what is then the difference of a FB-page compared to a FB-Group ?

Is it free to create a FB-fanpage ? I see FB is also selling paid ads....PPC and stuff....


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ah well. facebook groups are something you can start for something that you do not own or operate. i mean i can start a group about xenforo india users. but i might not be legally allowed to run a fan page of xenforo indian users unless i am permitted by the owners of the brand name.

facebook is likely to snatch away your fanpage if you do not have the copyright or trademark to the term. but groups are different. they are like forums (like this one). fan pages are like micro sites operated by companies on FB.

creating fan pages or groups on fb is totally free. ads are totally different. facebook has their own advertising system if you want to promote your fan page...


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from what i read here...
you cannot.

and as i said above. a good alternative could be to have an rss feed for the posts you have liked which can then be feed into your choice of fan page!
Mike, Kier,

is there any chance you could check back about this with Scott ?

Well, when running 10 different Forums, it would be not good to have all contents being posted onto my personal page, it would be much better to get the content from my Forums onto my 10 individual FB-fanpages.....


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ola. what exactly are you looking for?

you want the likes of your forum users to post to your fan page?
you want your likes of your forum to be posted on your fan page?

or you simply want new forum posts and threads to be posted to their individual fan pages?


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and i think you are confused.

if i click on the like button below, the post is posted on MY PROFILE PAGE.

if you click on the like button below, the post is posted on YOUR PROFILE PAGE.

these likes are not posted on XENFORO fanpage. or any of the developer's own profile page.


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Well, when running 10 different Forums, it would be not good to have all contents being posted onto my personal page, it would be much better to get the content from my Forums onto my 10 individual FB-fanpages.....
Exactly. If I think a thread is going to be hot, by clicking on the Facebook like button and sending it to my site's FB fan page more people may take part in the discussion. The same could be said for a Twitter account dedicated for a particular site.