XF 1.2 What happens to trophies if.....

For example, if I take a trophy (let's use the default "Get 30 posts" one) and change the value of it to something lower and change the name, then people who already have it will be completely fine, the name will update, the end, right?

So if I were to take that same trophy, and RAISE it to 50 posts, what happens to those that already have the 30 criteria for it? Do they lose that trophy because they no longer meet the criteria? Does it just stay on their profile? What happens if they already have it and they hit the NEW criteria of 50 posts? They don't earn two from that, do they?

Also, if I were to make a trophy for selecting different profile options (Let's say one for being male, and one for being female), can a user just earn both of these by selecting one, earning the trophy, then going to their profile and selecting the other option?


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Once a trophy is awarded, it won't be taken away.

I haven't tested getting two trophies, I suggest doing a quick test on a test forum.

As for your third question, yes. You could probably get an add-on written to prevent this tho.
I haven't really check at how the database handles trophies, but assuming each trophy is awarded by an ID, I would think that they couldn't earn the same trophy twice.

Now if a trophy is deleted, does the user THEN lose it and the points associated with it?
I see, thanks. So going by that logic, I think if you were to edit a trophy to a much lesser value, you could just delete it and add the new one instead, to keep everyone with the proper rewards that they should earn. Although, I suspect this is pretty heavy on data if it affects a lot of people.

I guess although you can't strip a specific user of an individual trophy, the process of deleting and recreating trophies makes nothing on them permanent this way.

I was basically just wanting to make sure I wouldn't run into any situations where I think "Man, I should have done this differently, or no made this. Now I'm stuck with this." when it came to trophies.


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Depending on the amount of users, yes, it can be a long running process.

You could probably run queries to remove the trophy, but I wouldn't suggest it (especially because it'll probably get re added).