XF 1.5 What happened to my database?


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I suddenly have a database of 580mB from the last backup 2 months ago of being 122mB.
Activity on the site has been low, so im wondering if there is a way to check what is eating all this space.


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Your post table is only 4MB and you have a fairly small forum so I wouldn't expect the search to be 156MB.
I suppose though there could be a lot of searches being made.

Even then, I don't see how the total backup can be ~600MB - the tables in that screenshot are listed in size order and only amount to around 300Mb.


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I misread the image - it's the search table which is quite large, not the index.

It's normal for that table to get quite large but I wouldn't necessarily expect it from such a small site.

You will find that table changes in size, depending on the number of searches being made.