What Firefox Addons Do You Use?


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I use Firebug to edit a site's CSS in real-time whenever I'm having trouble with a skin.

ColorZilla is what I use to grab colors to play around with when I'm making skins.

I have FoxyProxy installed but I'm not sure what it's for, don't use it and don't remember adding it.

I have Animated Matrix for my Appearance. It was distracting at first but I forced myself to like it.

I had GreaseMonkey but I uninstalled it because I couldn't figure out how to uninstall this.


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Only Firebug, and one addon that lets me spoof user agents. I only use Firefox for debugging purposes. In Chrome I only use Adblock Plus.

Luke F

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Tab Mix Plus (can't live without multiple tab rows or I'd be on Chrome :p)
Speed Dial
Tab Badge
Image Zoom
Element Hiding Helper for Adblock Plus
easy Xdebug
Anti-Aliasing Tuner
Adblock Plus
Web Developer


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AutoCopy - every text that you highlight with your mouse automatically gets stored to your clipboard.
ColorfulTabs - My tabs have pretty colors.
DisableBackSpaceNavigation - Backspace doesn't force me to go to the previous page, which has been very useful.
Form History control - Be able to clean up pretty much everything that gets automatically stored by FireFox, such as words you searched for.
Lazarus Form History - Be able to retrieve stuff you typed in earlier, and makes you able to automatically retrieve things you had stored on the clipboard before.
NewTabUrl - When I have a url link copy pasted and open a new tab, it automatically opens that link. Also makes it possible to automatically go to a specific url when you open a new tab.
SessionManager - Possibly my most loved addon. Makes you able to save and restore browser sessions / windows. Which means that when I open FireFox, automatically all my tabs open again, even if FF crashed for example.

Adam Howard

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  • Default Full Zoom Level -- Because firefox doesn't have a setting for keeping a zoom level (32" wide-screeen TV @ 1920 x 1080 - 16:9 ... Zoom is kind of important. Default for me is 150%)
  • FEBE - Good FireFox backup tool
  • Adblock Plus
  • Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon
  • Element hiding helper for Addblock Plus
  • BetterPrivacy
  • Collusion
  • WOT
  • BlockSite
  • FlagFox
  • ShowIP
  • User Agent Switcher
  • ProxyTube - Ublock YouTube
  • Tor
  • BugMeNot
  • LastPass
  • After the deadline --- Doesn't always work. Wish it worked better... I proof read almost nothing. Anyone know an alternative, let me know.
  • Cache Status
  • Context Font
  • Firebug
  • FireFTP
  • Font Information
  • Pixlr Grabber
  • Rainbow
  • Web Developer
  • Download Helper
  • DownloadThemAll
  • FlashGot
  • Forcasefox
  • FVD Speed Dial with Full Online Sync
  • gTranslate
  • Nightly Test Toosl
  • Quick Locale Switcher
  • Test Pilot
  • WebMail Notifier


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• FireFTP
Quick and easy basic FTP. FileZilla is installed anyway for when FFTP messes up with big db zips, yes it does! :D

• Firebug
For taking things apart, investigative works and such.


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Clippings - saves frequently used text to paste in forms, emails etc Couldnt survive without it Rightclick, choose clipping

Copy URL (of current page)

New Tab Homepage

Session Manager - restores previous pages but can also untick ones I dont want from list

plus a fire dragon Persona