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Sorry Nick not working for me, the lettering is last century. Maybe a photo orientated font? Not sure if there are any but figure it would be worth while hunting around for one.


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Sorry, I might be being dim, but are you asking for crtique of the logo image or your forums?

If it's the logo, the mixed overlay of two different fonts isn't working for me (or whatever effect it is that is rounding off and expanding the lighter version behind). Also the lens (I assume it's a lens, face-on) isn't working either as it isn't immediately identifiable as a lens because it appears to have an iris and could easily be mistaken for something else ... disc, speaker, ball, etc.

Sorry if that sounds too critical - just being honest about my interpretation of it. (You did say it was version 1 ... ;))

If it's the site, I can't connect to it either.

Shaun :D