What do you think of these two style mockups?


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I've created these two mock ups for you guys. Neither of them are complete, but I think they are nice nevertheless. What do you think of the two and which one(if either) would you like to see created first?


Also, please leave any suggestions or ideas, that would be a great help!


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I like the orange cat headers in the top screenshot. It'll be interesting to see how this matures. The bottom (blue) style I'm not fond of. It's more the variation of blue you used that I don't like. But overall, nice work. (y)


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Yeah I think I like the top one better too. I have them set up so that I can easily change the colors of them through a hex value in the css(I have a little bit more than a mock up of the second one;))


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The bottom one looks a little like Erik's (sorry, I don't mean to put you down or anything). I like them both :)


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Agree with Shelley. I recommend breaking that strong blue with something or change it. I also think you shouldn't hide the logo behind the header. Keep working on it, you have some nice ideas there.


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I'll keep working on them, and I know the second one looks like Eriks, but I didn't copy it. I just went with it and that's how it turned out. I'm not really sure that I like that one very much anyway. You can have it :)
Glad you like it. I did a little more work on the first one. I think I am going to scrap the first one, I just am kinda stuck on that one, and it does look a lot like Eriks. It was originally orange like the first one, but I'm not sure why I change it.

So i'll keep working on the first one for now and them hopefully I'll have a release once XF is stable. I'll be offer it for free, along with my first couple of themes for sure.