What do you charge for people to advertise on your forum?


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My forum can be seen here: https://wranglertjforum.com

Don't let the numbers deceive you. It's a very active community, and thanks to my Google AdWords skills, I have an amazing conversion rate on sign-ups.

Anyways, I'm trying to figure out what to charge vendors.

The idea is what each vendor would receive:
  • Vendor specific sub-forum for their business (where they could post specials, links to products on their site, etc.)
  • Link / banner in their signature for their site
  • Ability to interact with forum members by promoting their products when responding to a thread
  • A site banner at the top of every page
I'm trying to figure out a monthly rate that is fair, but not just giving it away. I get a lot of traffic from AdWords, and I have to offset my cost somehow.

In addition to that, while my forum may be a smaller forum, it's very niche specific, and the people who are on it are typically people who spend a lot of money on parts.

Any input is appreciated.

I was thinking maybe $50 a month, but I'm not sure if that's too steep or not?


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I charge a flat rate of 25 bucks a month. I have a section on my forums just for selling and I create their own forum node to sell their stuff.
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$25 a month seems more like what I should be charging. That's not enough to make someone gawk at the price by any means.
I dont advertise it, if someone asks I set them up, I may get 2-5 people a year, I look at it as paying for my hosting. I make more on donations really.