XF 2.2 What could be causing members to be logged out?


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What could be causing members to be logged out?
I have had several members report this
I have not made any changes
Make sure this is checked
Enable board URL canonicalization

Thanks I just had a look and mine is not checked

If enabled, the board URL setting will be treated as the canonical installation URL. If visitors access your site through a different URL, they will be redirected to the appropriate canonical URL. When enabled, you must ensure that your board URL setting is correct. If it is not correct, areas outside the admin control panel will not be accessible!

But the last two sentences are a bit scary.
How do we know if our board URL setting is correct ?
I have had this from users in the past if they came in from an old bookmark of the site, before we switched to HTTPS. Once they create a new bookmark with the current address, it usually fixes it up.
Thanks @beerForo for the advice, but I have board URL canonicalization enabled and yet one of my users is still getting logged out on iOS Safari. Any ideas what the problem could be? My landing page is different from my login page - could that be it?
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